Course Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (3 Years Programme – 6 Semesters) Tuition Fee  :Nu 65,000

Clinical Fee :Nu 5,000

Lab Fee       :Nu 5,000


Tuition Fee   :Nu 1,30,000

Clinical Fee  :Nu 10,000

Lab Fee         :Nu 10,000


Total (Day-scholar)  Nu 75,000 Nu 1,50,000
Total (Accommodation and Self-catering)  Nu 95,000 Nu 1,90,000


  1. Registration fee: Nu 5,000 (non- refundable)
  2. Security Deposit: Nu 5,000 (Refundable after the completion of course). 
  3. Cancellation of admission at the final moment will not be refunded with the security deposit.
  4. Accommodation is provided by the institute which is inclusive of a bed, mattress and kitchen essentials.
  5. Bus services is provided by the institute for during clinical postings. It may be noted that the students choosing to enroll as day scholars will be responsible for boarding fees in later years when centrally organized facilities are arranged during hospital-based classes held outside of Thimphu.
  6. Fees are payable in installments (two installments) annually.
  7. Uniform and clinical accessories to be purchased by student themselves.